Take your work seriously and challenge yourself!

One of the CES specialization: Central and Eastern European Studies: Research Track offers students to lead their own research project or take part in the Internship Programme. Read the interview with Alex from US, one of the students that used this opportunity and he had an internship at New Eastern Europe magazine.

Why was it worth it to be an intern at NEE?Alex B

My internship experience at New Eastern Europe complemented my coursework at CES very well, I was able to get relevant professional experience while completing my MA classes, and I made valuable professional contacts.  I would encourage all incoming CES students to pursue internship opportunities!

What did you learn during your internship?

I learned a lot about the whole editorial process of a regional current affairs magazine — everything from generating ideas, to soliciting commentary from authors, to formatting the outlook of the issue before publication. I was also able to write two book reviews for the print edition, which was a very valuable experience.

What was the most challenging?

The most challenging thing was to balance the demands of the internship with other schoolwork, but luckily New Eastern Europe was very flexible in this regard.

Why is worth it to be an intern in general?

You can gain professional experience while getting academic credit at the same time, which counts toward your MA coursework requirements.  Doing an internship helped me to finish the program requirements—besides the thesis, of course—in one academic year.

Tips from Alex on how to take maximum advantage from an Internship.

  1.   Find something that complements your coursework and is relevant to your interests and career goals.
  2.   Challenge yourself and don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone.
  3.   Network with your colleagues at the internship.
  4.   Take your work seriously, but have fun with it!

Thank you Alex!

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