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Admission for 2015/2016 academic year! Only 1day left! 

We continue introducing  our double degree MA programmes. Learn today about  new double degree programmes offered at the Centre for European Studies.

MA in Governance, Leadership and Democracy Studies

Double Degree Programme with Universidade Católica Portuguesa

This programme combines a teaching dimension with high-quality research. It provides students with knowledge in the field of EU studies and democracy and governance. Programme is designed for students eager to learn more about the contemporary Europe understood as political, economic and social project.

This double degree programme is open for students interested in political order in Europe in a new global challenges and perspective. Students will both be able to start in Krakow and progress to Lisbon and vice-versa.

Learn more about Governance, Leadership and Democracy Studies. 

European Regional Studies

Double Degree Programme with the University of Tartu

Programme provides students with knowledge of history, political, economic, social and cultural developments as well as international relations in both regions. The programme is designed to train specialists and researchers dealing with two partly overlapping regions: North Eastern Europe (courses offered by the University of Tartu as the Baltic Sea Region) and Central and Eastern Europe (courses offered by the Jagiellonian University in Krakow).

Learn more about European Regional Studies programme.

EU-Japan Advanced Multidisciplinary Master Studies

Programme gives students an opportunity to select from the full range of courses offered by the humanities, social as well as natural sciences. It allows to undertake a unique learning experience of the multidisciplinary nature of the Double Degree Programmes.

The EU-JAMM curriculum enables exchange students from the EU and Japan to conduct a comprehensive and structural analysis of the EU and Japan from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Pedro BPerdo (Portugal):

This MA is instrumental in fulfilling my goal and broadening my perspective. This double-degree programme gives me the opportunity to study in Krakow and Kobe, it fills my aspiration to progress in two reputable Institutions, develop an interdisciplinary MA studies which will grant me a competitive edge.  Also, the added perspective from outside of Europe is crucial to an all-round better understanding of Europe issues. The expertise and range of the studies were of the utmost importance to me. 

This DDP enables one to understand fundamental political issues in Central and Eastern Europe and EU-Japan relations whilst discovering how culture and history shaped political thinking and vice versa.

Furthermore, Japan’s future is also closely related with the forthcoming decades of the European project. They are solidly intertwined. Therefore it is naive to favor one by disregarding the other. Comprehending how all these variables interact is one of the goals of this programme . Additionally, I believe that Central and Eastern Europe have an increasing role in shaping and solidifying the European project. This MA addresses both themes which are an emerging issue in international relations.

The upcoming years bring a shift in the paradigm of International Relations, in the complex global world we live in, properly informed individuals are in order to better tackle future issues. This DDP is the perfect platform from which to get the necessary to become a much needed specialist in Japan’s role and its importance for Europe, both historically and contemporarily.

Learn more about  EU-Japan Advanced Multidisciplinary Master Studies. 

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